Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Few Things I Loved About 2009

2009 was a fabulous year for me and though I'm sad to see if flash before my eyes, I'm very excited for what 2010 can bring.

Here's a lil' list of a few of the great things that happened this year:

* I started teaching a new grade... tough but full of funny experiences.

* I became a Master! Lol, I walked at my Seton Hall Graduation.

 * Serg and I moved into an adorable house together.

* Our kitchen got renovated!

* We traveled to: Puerto Rico, Montreal, Miami, Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel.

* My family came to visit from Brazil.

* We hosted tons of fun events with our great friends at our house including: our housewarming, a holiday cookie party, my 26th birthday.

There's so much more I could add to the list but the most important thing is that everyone is happy and healthy...

Have a safe, fun, amazing New Year!

WTF, snow?!

If I were a kid, I'd be thrilled to wake up to this NYE morning...

Except, I'm not a kid and I find this snow to be a complete waste! This would be perfect on Monday morning when I have to go back to work. Hmph. I hope plans are too messed up because of this crap.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I officially turned 26 at 4:23PM yesterday. *sigh* I asked my sister if 26 seems like an age where I should have my sh!t together and she gawked at me for a minute before saying "YOU DON'T?!!" I thought for a bit... and she has a point. I have a steady job, two degrees, a house with a great man, money (not a lot, but some) in the bank... What's missing? Nothing! Whooo hoooo! I'm 26 and I have my sh!t together!

I had an awesome day with my family & friends. Serg woke me up by singing every song he could remember with the word birthday in it. I had lunch in Westfield @ Mojave Grill with my mom, sister, aunt, & cousin and we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Crumbs.

Serg & I had dinner at Limani's in Westfield before some friends and family came over to sing happy birthday and dig into those great cupcakes.

I can't wait to try on all the different makeup in the Sephora Special Edition Holiday Palette my parents got me.

And to go to IKEA with Serg to pick out everything I need for my crafting area so I can finally play with my brand new Cricut Expression!

I think I'm starting to warm up to the idea of 26...

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Holiday Cookie (Eating) Party

As I watched the snow come down on Saturday night, I panicked. Not only is snow a complete waste on Saturdays (no school), but I realized my cookie party might get snowed out. I jumped out of bed on Sunday to check the damage and it was pretty bad. We supposedly got about 12 inches of snow.

Poor Serg felt like death but refused to let me snowblow the driveway. By noon our driveway was clear and the roads were plowed. My friends and I had been texting back and forth and we finally decided to be brave, face the roads, and go on with the cookie extravaganza. I was so excited... I had been stuck indoors for 2 days with a sick man and I was starting to get cabin fever.

I had planned to serve some salty snacks to buffer the amount of cookies we were going to eat.
Here's the menu:
- Crab Dip
- Spinach Dip
- Mini Quiches
- Salsa
- Ranch Dip
- Pretzel sticks
- Potato Chips
- Tortilla Chips
- Carrots
We made sugar, chocolate chip, and gingerbread cookies. Anddddd we polished off 2 bottles of wine & some spiked hot chocolate. Throw some Caramel Bailey's into your hot chocolate... it's LIFE CHANGING. And it'll probably make you bake cookies shaped like this:

I love my friends... I had such a great time eating, laughing, and yes, baking. I hope we do this again next year, minus the snow!

Tons of love,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Dear Santa,
I have been AWESOME this year. Not only have I not killed any children, but I have managed to teach some as well... I am a domestic wonder in my home with Serg and a fantastic girlfriend. I think I've been a great sister and daughter too. Here are some suggestions (just suggestions ;o) ):

NorthFace Women's Atlantic Jacket

Cricut Expression
(I know I already have a Personal Cutter, but this one is SOOO MUCH COOLER!)

Oh... right... a table for my Cricut (IKEA)

Band Hero for XBox360 (I wanna sing a Taylor Swift song, lol)

Slippers (they don't have to be giraffes, but these are funny)

Coach Poppy Art Glam (or a nice sturdy black bag I can use for work)

Reebok EasyTones in black so I can wear them to work

A girl can dream, right? lol


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deal Alert! LOFT (Today 12-10-09 ONLY)

Ann Taylor's LOFT is having a buy one, get one free deal on sweaters today.

It's perfect for the holiday season! You could knock two people off your list, or keep one (or two) for yourself! I love LOFT's quality; there's never any fuzzing, fading, or stretching. And considering the sweater I am currently wearing has a HUGE hole in it (shhh, don't tell anyone or judge please), I think I deserve a sweater or two. It's going to be a tough decision!

Happy shopping!

Ballerina Christmas Tree

My mom is obsessed with Christmas trees. So obsessed that this year she has two, one being designated to all her Santa Claus ornaments. Whenever she purchases an ornament, she buys two of the same one with me & my sister in mind. Well now it's MY turn to have a Christmas tree and my mother really helped out by giving me a good half of my ornaments. Only problem (for Serg, anyway) is that most of my ornaments are ballerinas! I have danced for about 20 years of my life and my mom thought ballerina ornaments were appropriate. We never really thought about having to share a Christmas tree with a man... After a few days of telling Serg that I wanted a pink & gold themed tree, he finally gave in & I was able to put it up!

I purchased all the filler ornaments including the sparkly snowflakes, butterflies, and shatterproff balls at Dollar Tree (omg I love that place). Serg vows we will have different ornaments next year... something was said about a Godzilla ornament. I'm pretty sure I responded with a "Over my dead body" under my breath.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Update

I've been busy being miserable about my job.

And reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" I can't put it down!

That's it for now... be back soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Disaster!

I dropped my pie crust in my oven. No, correction. I dropped it ALL OVER my oven. And then I cried hysterically. Serg came running to see what happened (I think he thought I chopped my finger off) and helped me clean up. I think I'm overwhelmed by the holidays and being a grown up in our first house. I'm not at my parent's house helping with Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, I'm in my own house, making pies to bring to our parents' houses. *sigh* It's a bittersweet feeling.
But, Thanksgiving is about being thankful so here we go!

My Family

My amazing boyfriend, Serg

Our super cute yellow house

My super annoying, yet super cute students

A couple more: my crazy fun friends, mascara, cookies, Dollar Tree, crafting, and rainy Sundays in bed watching movies with Serg :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dreaming of Crafting...

Ok, I'm starting to feel like I'm a druggie going through withdrawl. No joke, I've been dreaming about what I want to make once I have my crafting stuff at our house. It's kinda sad. I went to Target today and looked at some Christmas cards but didn't buy any because I could make cuter ones. I didn't really think about the fact that I would need to mass produce cards within a 3 week period, but whatever. Then I strolled past the Christmas ornaments and thought about the awesome Ornament Wreath (which has been a HUGE craze in the Nesting world) I want to make once I have a place for my hot glue gun. I've also been looking up some ideas for stocking stuffers... It doesn't help that I stalk other awesome blogs written by super crafty, creative, artistic women. Basically, I need to get this crafting area set up before I develop a twitch.
Til then, I'll keep dreaming...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Chickened Out :(

Serg and I took a trip to IKEA yesterday, which was probably our first mistake. Anyone who goes to IKEA on a Saturday is looking to fight with their significant other. It's packed, it takes forever to park, people bring their screaming children, no one is around to help... Augh. I was looking at the Besta line as storage for my crafting supplies. I originally thought of picking this frame up. It's $80.

$80 isn't bank breaking and I was ready to bring it home that same day... Until I looked over and saw the combinations they had put together in their showroom. Same frame with sliding glossy white doors and 3 drawers with glass fronts, making the total: $195. Add the cheapie desk for $19... plus tax... and we're looking at about $220. I know it's really not that bad but I didn't have the heart to do it before the holidays.
And now, I'm dying to make something with my Cricut (which is still at my parents' house!) I wish I had just stuck with my original plans of the $80 frame & $19 table. But there's no way in hell I'm going back to IKEA today. Hmph.