Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling a little guilty...

I just spent about $80 at New York and Company on clothes... I ALWAYS feel guitly when I buy clothes and rarely ever pay full price for any item, especially tops. Interestingly, I have no problem dropping $60+ on a Cricut cartridge. I need to get my priorities straight...

Anyway, I've been noticing that most of my outfits consist of black or gray. It's like a magnetic attraction when I walk into a store and see a gray sweater. It's always the first color I walk towards. But, I don't think a 1st grade teacher should be dressed in head to toe black or gray day after day. Slimming? Yes. Cheery? Not so much. So here are some pieces I picked up on sale (yay!):

I think that's enough color for awhile... And just in time for Spring. New York & Co isn't always my style but their button downs rarely need ironing (major plus) and fit me pretty well. They also had an online promotion code for 30% off; just type in 2029 when you check out. It knocked off $19 from my order... more than I spent on 2 shirts!
Hmmm, I think the guilt is starting to fade away, lol.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flower Headwear Galore!

Well, my President's Day has been productive! I woke up inspired to make some fun headbands and I ending up making 3 headbands and two ponytail holders with zipper and felt flowers.
 I got the zipper flower tutorial on Martha Stewart's website. The video is here. I think it looks kinda cool and I can probably pull it off for a night out.
The felt flowers are more kiddie looking so I'll probably end up wearing them for work.
I love the way this ponytail holder turned out!
Tutorials for the felt flowers will be up soon! Promise!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Valentine's Day Decor

Like I said in a past post, Serg and I are hosting a Valentine's Eve dinner party on Saturday for a few friends. I've been looking everywhere for some cute Valentine's decor and haven't found anything I like. I wanted our dining room to look "Valentine-y" so after searching online for some inspiration, I headed over to my Cricut and made these:
The hearts hanging from the light fixture was a last minute idea and it was really easy to make. Here's how I did it.

- ribbon
- scrapbooking paper
- scissors
- glue
- Cricut (if you have one. It made cutting out hearts the same size really easy)

Step 1: I cut out hearts in different sizes on two different types of paper. I made sure that I had pairs of hearts that were the same size.
 Step 2: Cut a piece of ribbon. Make sure to cut enough to tie around light fixture (or wherever you're going to tie it) at the top.
Step 3: Put glue around one heart and down the middle.
Step 4: Place the ribbon on the heart.
Step 5: Glue a heart the same size on top of the ribbon, matching it with the other heart.
Step 6: Repeat, alternating colors until you reach the bottom, leaving as much space as you'd like in between.
 And you're done!

I <3 Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In... AGAIN!

Before I had even left the school building yesterday, I got a phone call about work being canceled the next day. It wasn't even snowing yet! I knew there was a lot of blizzard buzz but usually Newark Public Schools doesn't cancel so I knew it was going to be a bad one. It's now almost 6PM and I haven't seen it stop snowing since I woke up this morning. Serg is currently outside trying to snowblow the approx. 18 inches. And it's supposed to keep snowing! Thank goodness school is canceled tomorrow too... it was supposed to be parent/teacher conferences and now I have a 6 day weekend!

But if you know me, you know that 6 days off doesn't mean I'll sit around doing nothing. And I surely haven't... I've been working on a portfolio that I need to hand in to my vice principal and principal in May. Because I was evaluated as a "Distinguished" teacher last year, this year I had the option of not being observed. And instead of being observed I had to come up with a goal and then portfolio my work towards the goal. So I decided that the best way to do this is to... SCRAPBOOK! I always take a ton of pictures of my classroom and kids doing work so it shouldn't be too hard to put together. I've gotten a couple of pages done already, so here's a sneak peek:
I still have a lot of work to do... but what do you think? Hopefully I'll be evaluated as distinguished again!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Snowy Day, Six Handmade Cards

Nothing like a snowy weekend... Seems like it's all we've had. I could REALLY use a snowy Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday... You catch my drift, lol. Usually I get cabin fever being stuck indoors but I was so excited about my new found love - Sure Cuts A Lot, that I got right to work! And I didn't stop until I realized my stomach was rumbling and I hadn't spoken to Serg in about 2 hours (he was downstairs playing Call of Duty *barf*).

I made 5 Valentine's Day cards and threw in a thank you card while I was at it.
Think Serg will be a little overwhelmed if I give him all 5 valentines?

What a productive snow day!

Sure Cuts A Lot Has Changed My Life... forever.

As you all know, Serg got me a Cricut Expression for Christmas. I was so excited to finally have this amazing machine that die cuts shapes and letters up to 23 inches tall. The only downside so far has been the cartridges, which range from $30-$80 each. I have 6 of them, 3 fonts and 3 shapes and sometimes I feel limited on what I can make.

WELL, today I ran across a wonderful software program called "Sure Cuts A Lot". It links your computer to your Cricut and allows you to cut with ANY font you have! It also has the option to cut the outlines of JPEG images. I will never have to buy a font cartridge again and probably won't buy as many shape ones either. Sure Cuts A Lot costs $75 which is less than ONE Cricut Cartridge... what a steal!

I'm so excited. My scrapbooking and greeting card layouts have just become endless and I can't wait to get started. I will definitely post when I have something made!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Heart Organizing!

I just realized I never posted an after picture of this closet:
Well Serg put up the shelves and it looked like this:
And now with a little organizing fairy dust, it looks like this:
I'm a big fan of any type of bin...
Think I need any more index cards? Hmm, probably not, considering I have a whole drawer full at work, lol.

Being a teacher has a it's perks and one of them is the opportunity to score a sweet 3-drawer filing cabinet for FREE! That's right... freeeeeeeeee!
She fit right in our office!
So I did what any normal (or ODC) person would do and printed all my labels and organized my files by date.
Did I mention I'm obsessed with printable labels? Well I am. And I love labeling things. So I labeled all my crafting stuff.
Whoever invented adhesive mailing labels is brilliant!!
I wonder what I'll be getting my hands on to organize this weekend... the basement? Uh, probably not, lol.

What do you love organizing?