Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Versions of the You Rock! Card

I have a hard time making cards for men, so when Serg told me he needed a card for his boss & for his dad's birthday, I drew a blank. I guess my brain just doesn't work in a manly way... Talk about scrapping block, I ended up making two cards with the same guitar concept.
I know, not super creative... Any suggestions on making cards for men?

Obsessed with Create A Critter!

I've tried not to buy too many Cricut cartridges since I got "Sure Cuts A Lot", but the Create A Critter cartridge has super cute animals & so many extras, it's hard to pass up. Luckily it had gone on sale at for like $30 & the second I got it in the mail, I started cutting.

Here are some cards I put together for Mother's Day:
 I also made a birthday card for my friend Candice:
And a house-warming card for our friends Catherine & Kevin:
And finally, a welcome home baby boy card for a fellow teacher:
 The possibilities are endless with this cartridge! I'm obsessed :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do... When It Comes to Friends

While there are "rules" for breaking up with a significant other, I feel like there isn't a right or wrong way to "break up" with a friend. My mom always said I could use some gray area in my life, but I can't help that things are either black or white for me & this applies to friends as well. Either you're a great friend or you're not and often times if you're not, we won't be friends.

Recently, I've gotten an itch to cut a friend out of my life. Not that she's a toxic friend or a horrible friend, but she just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm over her & our friendship. This feeling has been building up for over a year & I am still unsure how to go about it. Serg told me today that he doesn't like giving people the satisfaction of thinking he cares they are shitty friends. I don't think it's the case for me; I do care, & I think she should know that our friendship has expired & why. I think letting it phase out or just ignoring her isn't an option, that would just be awkward. I feel like we're just pretending to be friends right now & there's nothing I can't stand more than being fake. I want to tell her that she doesn't have to text me, or email me, or invite me to outings that I have NO desire to attend (b/c my excuses are getting old). I don't want to be mean or rude or harsh about it, I just think she needs to know. End of story.

So what do you think? How do you "break up" with a friend? Do you tell them? Do you let if phase out? Do I wait & see if my itch to tell her I'm over it will subside? Help!

My Favorite Part of My (Work) Day

One of my favorite things about teaching little ones is reading out loud. I have an obsession with children's literature and even if I stopped teaching, I would still wander through the Children's section.

My students love to sit on the rug & be read to. They lean forward & listen intently. It's the best part of my day: sharing my love for reading & books and the deep & often hilarious discussions we have afterwards. When I taught 2nd grade, not only did we have multiple picture book read alouds during the day, but I also read a chapter book to them (often to calm them down after lunch or before dismissal). Once my 1st graders became good at sitting sort of still during shorter picture books, I whipped out one of my favorite children's authors: Roald Dahl.

We started with a shorter chapter book, Fantastic Mr. Fox

The kiddos LOVED Dahl's flair for describing the most disgusting things. They giggled endlessly when I read about Bean's difficulty hearing because of all the wax in his ears & how Fox's tail got shot clean off. I really wanted to have them compare & contrast the book to the movie, but I decided against it while previewing the movie version at home. It does follow the basic concept of the book but was a little to "adult" for my liking.

We are currently reading The Witches.
Wow, these kids REALLY have gotten into this one! Daily, I have a student bring the book up to me, demanding that I read it. I am sure that it's a mixture of how this book is about REAL witches & my lovely interpretation of the Grand High Witch (she rolls all her Rs & pronounces Ws as Vs). According to Dahl, REAL witches look like ordinary women. They could even be the teacher who is currently reading aloud to you (gasps around the room, lol). There are a few signs to look out for if you suspect a kind woman is a witch:
  • Real witches always wear gloves. Their hands are really claws.
  • Real witches always wear wigs & scratch at their heads b/c they're bald.
  • Real witches have HUGE noseholes to sniff children out.
  • Real witches have blue spit.
  • Real witches don't have toes. Their feet are square.
Well, I had children ask me to let my hair out & take my shoes off, JUST in case I was wearing gloves that looked like hands, lol. Unlike, Fantastic Mr. Fox, the movie version of this book is PHENOMENAL (& creepy, lol). I can't wait for my kids to see Angelica Houston as The Grand High Witch. Think 6 year olds can handle it? *shudders*

Did Someone Just Turn My World Upside Down?

I know, I know, I've been ignoring my blog & I do feel awful about it. I've been meaning to get on here in the last couple of weeks since I've made a crapload of cards but I'll post those later. My life has proven to be a full blown roller coaster ride this month. Between changes at work & home, I keep getting hit with highs & lows daily.

Let's start with our new addition to our home:
Meet Fifi, our 5 month old French Bulldog. Yep, we got the dog of our (my? lol) dreams & shes' super cute. Hard work & exhausting, but super cute. She's been with us for a little over a week now & she's already crate trained & learned how to sit on command. I'm in love. Except the waking up 45 minutes earlier to let her out.

Moving onto how much fat ass Chris Christie (the new governor of NJ) can rot in hell. I got laid off. 4 months before being tenured, I received a pink slip.If you're thinking, WTF, believe me, so am I. All non-tenured teachers in our district were laid off. The shittiest part of it all is that they are laying off the WRONG people. I can't speak for all schools, but 95% of the veteran teachers at my school suck. They don't care about the children, they don't teach, they don't try, they just plain SUCK. But they are still getting paid. It's sickening. People who work their asses off & actually teach children get the boot. My principal told me there is a big chance of getting rehired but at this point, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm going through a cycle of panic, anger, whateverness, & a desire to switch careers daily. Augh.

There are 27 days left of school. I am NOT working summer school this summer & I can't wait to just do NOTHING. I'm looking forward to lazy days of reading, playing with Fifi, & laying out in our backyard. This high-stress year has burned me out & I feel stretched thin. 2 months off will be perfect. (I'm hoping it's just 2 months off, lmao).

Well that's that for the update. I will post those awesome cards I made when I get home. And I promise I'll keep blogging :)