Wednesday, March 30, 2011

13/50 - My Horizontal Life

I guess I really wanted to read one more book for the Winter Book Challenge so I chose Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life for the "read a book about sex" 10 pt. challenge.
It was a quick read, there were some parts where I laughed out loud but I think this would have been better as an audiobook. Some of the "one-night stand" humor felt forced but that's Chelsea Handler for ya.

Our SoCal Trip in Pictures

 Santa Monica Pier

 Muscle Beach, Santa Monica

 Venice Beach

 Malibu Sunset

 Chomp - a L.A. food truck experience

 Top O' Topanga

 Pink's Hotdogs


Monday, March 21, 2011

12/50 - Something Borrowed

Why have I been insisting on reading crappy chick-lit lately?! I guess after having a hard time getting through the last book, chick-lit is an easy way to go. I saw the trailer for the movie adaption of Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed and since it gave me the impression that the main character (Ginnifer Goodwin) would end up with the quirky, less traditionally attractive friend played by The Office's John Krasinski, I figured I'd give it a shot. Needless to say... this is one book where I hope the movie is better.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Natalia!

Today my little sister turned 24! I remember the day my mother brought her from the hospital. I was so excited to be a big sister. I also remember asking my mother when we were going to return her to the hospital about a month later, lol. I'm glad we didn't.

Here's a card I sent Natalia for her birthday:
Shapes cut out with Cricut's Create-A-Critter cartridge

I can't wait to see my sister & her boyfriend next week when Sergio & I go to Santa Monica. We'll get a chance to celebrate her birthday at DisneyLand! Until then, I can only wish nothing but the best for my sister as she turns 24. I love you Nat, happy birthday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Birthday Madness - Circus Seal Card

March is a big birthday month around here! We celebrate my dad's, my sister's, 2 of Sergio's nephews', & a couple of friends' birthdays all around a couple of days from each other. Since I took a break from crafting for a little while, I decided to get motivated & make some birthday cards.

Here's one I made for my father, who blew out a couple of candles on March 13th:

Circus Seal cut with Cricut's Create A Critter Cartridge

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

11/50 The Thirteenth Tale

This is one of those books that you really want to love but end up barely enjoying... I was so excited about it when I read the description on Good Reads. A mystery about an incestuous relationship that produces twins, one good & one evil has everything it needs to be a great read I wouldn't want to put down. Except that it wasn't well written & took me more than 2 weeks to finish. I'll give it a C.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Friends Are My Lucky Charms - Hoboken St. Patty's

Last Saturday, Sergio & I woke up early, dressed in green, & headed over to Hoboken to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Anyone in the area knows that Saint Patrick's Day in Hoboken can be chaotic (which is why the governor is changing the celebration to a weekday next year, BOOOO!) but our friends Krissy & Jeff invited us over to their place for some green bagels & mimosas.

I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends who have amazing significant others who get along, lol. It makes life so enjoyable & easy!

So, you can't really tell in the picture but I made the headband I'm wearing. I had this cute shamrock headband I bought at Dollar Tree when I was teaching but I couldn't find it that morning. I grabbed two shades of green felt, cut out a clover & it's shadow on Sure Cuts A Lot with my Cricut, traced, snipped, hot-glued, & TA-DA: Shamrock Headband!

Not my greatest creation but it worked! It might even get another wear as the real Saint Patty's Day approaches.

Company Rave: Zappos is AWESOME!

I have been on a hunt for some gorgeous navy blue wedding shoes since we got engaged. Unfortunately, purchasing these fabulous Christian Louboutin pumps is out of the question:
No Prive Riche - $2,875 @ Barney's

I had to settle for finding a more affordable option & chose to order these Nina's from Zappos.
Nina Elke in True Blue Luster Satin - $89 @ Zappos

Although they were available on different websites, I chose Zappos because of their free two-way shipping, just in case I hated the way they looked in real life & on my feet. I was SO excited when I saw the box at my front door today but was very sad when the size 6 was a smidge tight. Normally, I would suck it up & wear them anyway because they are very pretty but I don't think that's such a bright idea for my wedding day. I decided to call Zappos & to see if I could exchange them for a 6.5 without having to shell out another $89 while I wait for them to credit me for the return. Well, I was able to exchange, and not only was the man I spoke to ridiculously nice, but he saw that there was only 1 pair of 6.5's left so he put a rush on them for FREE! Then he upgraded me to a Zappos VIP so I get FREE overnight shipping every time I shop. AMAZING! 

Oh, if you ever call them, you can press 5 to hear the joke of the day if you're feeling a little glum. As if free two-way shipping wasn't enough. I love you, Zappos.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Is In... Our Bedroom

Does anyone else feel like it's been an eternity since enjoying gorgeous sunny days with warm breezes? I'm so over the winter blues! Since I have no control over the weather, I decided to cheer things up a bit by changing the duvet cover in our bedroom.

 IKEA Bibbi Snurr Duvet Set

 IKEA Renate Slinga Duvet Set (buy here)

It instantly brightened the room. I feel one step closer to Spring! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Experience Rave: Bra Fitting at Nordstrom

After watching a Rachael Ray episode focusing on bras & Bethenny Frankel getting fitted on "Bethenny Ever After", I decided maybe it was time to get measured by someone who knows what they're doing (and by that I mean, not at VS). Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" mentioned that 8 out 10 women do not wear the correct bra size and it turns out, I was one of them.

I read a couple of blog & forums posts about how great the ladies in the Lingerie department at Nordstrom are, so I stopped in last night for a fitting. LIFE CHANGING.

Stacy, the certified bra fitter (no really, that's her title, she gave me her card) at Menlo Park's Nordstrom, took me into a fitting room, told me to put my arms straight out, quickly measured around my ribcage & hurried out to get me a "starter" bra. The second I put the it on, I blurted: "Wow, so this is what my boobs should look like!" I was wearing bras that are 2 cup sizes too small & 1 band size too big. Stacy showed me the light... & made me want to come home & burn my wrong sized bras.

If you have not been fitted by a "certified bra fitter", DO IT! Your tatas will thank you. ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 for 30 Recap: Outfits 1-30

Now that I finished the challenge, I think I'll join the next time it comes around. Yes, it was difficult at times but I've never put together most of these combinations so I've learned a thing or two. Next time, I'll add more pieces for days I work from home/weekends. I could have added another pair of jeans since there was a button down & a sweater I never wore... I really relied on my scarves, belts, & necklaces to make outfits more exciting and I'll definitely continue to do that. I'm so ready to dive back into my whole closet... it has been lonely ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After working with 30 pieces, this looks slightly intimidating, lol

I am going to blog about my crafts again but I think I'll continue posting some fun outfits every once in a while too. I just need to bribe my photographer with brownies & kisses ;)

And It's Over! 30for30 #30!!!!

I wanted to go out with a bang... with an outfit that was really remixed, slightly out of my comfort zone, & maybe even a little outlandish. But, I have to meet with my boss today and as we all know, she's a stickler for my "business" attire & always wants me in a jacket. The craziest thing I can get away with is with textured tights, lol.
Jacket: F21, Tank: Old Navy, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Tights: Target, Shoes: UrbanOg, Belt: Aldo Watch: Coach

I feel great in this outfit... the Chanel-esque jacket is one of my favorite new pieces (thanks for picking it out Serg!) & I plan on remixing it more often now that I have access to the rest of my closet. Oh man, I can't wait to get in there & shake things up! ;)