Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Month Must Haves

#1 - Green Sprouts 2 Pack Silli Paw Teether - My friend Sally purchased these teethers for Sebastian because her son loved them. Each "finger" on the paw has a different texture in a soft silicone. Sebastian loves to rub the middle one with the ridges on his gums. Looks like teeth might make an appearance soon!

#2 - H&M Infant Sweapants - My baby is a little chubster so these soft organic cotton sweatpants are perfect because the wide waistband doesn't dig into his belly. They're also 3 for $12!

#3 - Eric Carle Attachable Activity Caterpillar - This toy is colorful, cute, and has a bunch of different textures Sebastian has been exploring. He really likes to pull the apple out of the vinyl pocket... then stick it in his mouth.

#4 - Bright Starts Lots of Links - These colorful links serve lots of purposes... hanging toys from the car seat, keeping toys together, and teethers. About $5 for a set of 24.

#5 - Circo Uni Safari Mobile - Cranking the music on this mobile in the AM, buys me enough time to brush my teeth, hair, and put some clothes on. Anything that does that is a winner in my book.

#6 The Baby Signing Bible - A super easy guide to signing with your baby. We've been signing "milk" since Sebastian was about 8 weeks old and he definitely understands it!

Monday, August 26, 2013

5 Months

I can't help but think I have one of the cutest babies ever. I love all of his facial expressions and his little personality develops a little more each day.

What he's been up to lately:

  • fake coughing for attention
  • recognizing the sign for milk - he goes CRAZY and expects the bottle in his mouth immediately
  • grabbing at everything and anything that's within reach
  • having very, VERY loud conversations with himself

Sometimes I watch him sleep and I get tempted to pick him up out of the crib just to hold him a little longer. And then the voice of reason in my head yells "Step away from the crib, crazy lady!"

Monday, August 12, 2013

What WE Wore - Sunday Brunch Wedding

This weekend, Serg, Sebastian, and I attended Serg's cousin's brunch wedding. Since it was Sebastian's first formal event, I was so excited that we had an appropriate outfit for him. My friend Lindsey had sent us this adorable vest/pant combination from FAO Schwartz before he was born. Throw in the mustache paci and he was set! I love how Serg matched (although he added a tie when we got to the wedding location).

Sebastian was so well behaved during the whole wedding. I fed him during the ceremony so he was nice and quiet, then he enjoyed some dancing at the reception.. 

Later he took a nap in the Boba 3G and his stroller. I couldn't believe he slept through the loud music, but he was fine. 

Before we left, Serg took him through a limbo line, lol.

We all had a blast :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OOTD - What I Love Most About My Job

 Top - NY&Co, Pants - Loft, Shoes - Marshalls

There are many aspects of my job that make it stressful/exhausting/difficult but there are also lots of positives. 
One of my absolute favorite things is that I get the opportunity to visit different parts of NJ that I probably wouldn't go to otherwise. I get to see how vastly different the landscape is from county to county and how beautiful my state is. I really enjoy those quiet drives, alone in my car, with the windows down. Because when it looks like this, who wouldn't?

Happy Birthday Sergio!

My awesome husband turns 21 today! Um, just add 11 years to that. ;)

I love you and all our shananigans.

Hope this year brings you even more joy than the last!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

OOTD - Watercolor Pencil Skirt

 Top & Skirt - Loft, Shoes - Sole Society, Earrings - F21, Watch - Michael Kors

Things I notice in these pictures:
- This shirt does not look so great from the side.
- It's pretty obvious we haven't gone to the beach (during the day) this summer by the color of my legs.
- My kid looks HUGE.
- Poor thing is balding. We have tried a comb over but the wisps aren't enough. Next step - toupee!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Sunday Funday

We didn't plan to all wear purple, lol

The weather has been pretty gorgeous around these parts and not at all what we normally get in August. Yesterday it was 79 degrees, breezy, not a cloud in the sky so we packed up Sebastian and met my parents at the Watchung Reservation. It's the largest park in Union County with tons of trails, picnic sites, a golf course, and stables. 

We decided to walk (hike?) through The Deserted Village. I strapped Sebastian in to our Boba 3G and he was pretty much asleep within 10 minutes into the trail. The carrier is so easy to use and comfortable that I barely realized that I was lugging around an extra 16 lbs of baby.

And obviously, we ended our family fun day with a delicious lunch. We always end with food ;)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I realize my post from yesterday wasn't very cheerful, so I'm leaving you guys with these gems.

They're holding hands. Not that I made them or anything, lol.

How lucky am I to have an automatic BFF for Sebastian who happens to be my childhood BFF's kiddo?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What the Mother F - 4 Month Sleep Regression

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful baby boy who slept like an angel. We would start our bedtime routine of bath, story, bottle, a little singing and he'd be out like a light by 7pm, only to wake again at 6am. Life was beautiful.

This was last week. Can I go back in time?

Then the baby boy turned 4 months and everything went to SHIT.

The End.

Can someone PLEASE tell me this will get better?! Everything I've read is saying this could last 4 weeks and I think I will have lost all my marbles by then.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dedication Ceremony - Invites

Fonts used: Janda Cheerful and Lane Narrow (both free!)

My sister came home to visit last week and we quickly planned a child dedication ceremony for Sebastian at the Unitarian Church in Summit, NJ. In the midst of trying to figure it all out, my initial plan was to send out a Facebook invite... which got a major side-eye from my mother. I checked 2 different Targets and none had appropriate looking invitations so I threw one together on Powerpoint, printed on index cards, slapped those on scrapbooking paper and rounded the corners with a paper punch. Done and done.

(pictures of the ceremony to follow - once I can get them off my mom's camera!)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Outfit Post!

Blazer & pants - Loft, Top - Ann Taylor Factory Store, Shoes - Target

You guys, I put together an outfit that didn't consist of black and flats and took a picture of it with a REAL camera. And I wasn't late for my meeting!

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. It's the small things ;)